[Bf-committers] true edge and face edit modes

Brecht Van Lommel bf-committers@blender.org
10 Apr 2004 11:08:29 +0000


On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 07:53, Nathan Vegdahl wrote:
>    I agree, do this in tuhopuu.  The things your talking about should be tested
> in tuhopuu first, so as to see how well they fit the rest of Blender (both from
> the coder and user perspectives).  Then if people like it--and they very well
> may--then it can be ported to bf-blender.
> --Nathan "Cessen" Vegdahl

I was planning to do this in Tuhopuu. It definitely wouldn't be a good
idea to break main tree now.

I also might have to make it clear that the first changes I want to
make, merging Face Select and Edit Mode, will not be visible to the
user. I don't want to make the Edit Mode tools available in Face Select
Mode immediately. Just do some changes internally (and use these for a
UV mapping tool).

I intend to work on Edge and Face Mode, but not yet. Rather prepare for