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Tue, 06 Apr 2004 00:41:01 +0200

Have received this call in another ML.
Maybe this symposium could interest Blender coders/users ..

All the Best,

Andrea Carbone


	               3DPTV 2004, Thessaloniki - Greece


Call for Papers

The second International Symposium on 3DPTV (3D Data Processing,
Visualization, and
Transmission) will be held on September 6 to 9, 2004 in the city of
Thessaloniki, Greece.

The goal of this meeting is to present and discuss new research ideas and
results related to the capture, representation, compact storage,
transmission, processing, editing, optimization and visualization or 3D
data. These topics span a number of research fields from applied
mathematics, computer science, and engineering: computer vision, computer
graphics, geometric modeling, signal and image processing, bionformatics,
and statistics.

This symposium follows the highly successful 1st International Symposium on
3D Data Processing, Visualization, and Transmission
3DPVT'02 (http://www.dei.unipd.it/conferences/3DPVT) which took place in
2003 in Padova, Italy. The proceedings of the symposium will be published in
the IEEE Proceedings Series.

A list of topics of interest includes but is not limited to:

  - 3D scanning technologies and devices
  - 3D photography algorithms
  - 3D view registration and surface modeling
  - Surface reflectance recovery and modeling
  - 3D texture processing
  - Image-based rendering and modeling
  - Multi-view image and geometry processing
  - Stereo and motion reconstruction
  - Augmented reality
  - Compression, transmission and visualization of 3D data
  - 3D Content-based retrieval and recognition
  - Man/machine interaction with 3D data
  - 3D printing and rapid prototyping
  - Psychophysics of 3D sensing and haptics
  - 3D imaging in biomedicine
  - Structural analysis and pattern discovery in bioinformatics
  - 3D imaging in virtual heritage and virtual archeology
  - 3D imaging in e-commerce.
  - 3D Television
  - Teleimmersion and remote collaboration

Paper submission

Papers submitted for review must follow the IEEE CS Press Proceedings
two-column format. The papers must be submitted for review in final form.
The maximum paper length for review as well as for publication is 8 pages,
including the bibliography and the figures.  Electronic manuscripts must be
submitted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. In exceptional circumstances,
PostScript files will be accepted and converted to PDF: you must contact the
conference in advance if you intend to do so.

The paper must have the full author contact information. All accepted papers
will be published in the Proceedings of the Symposium (on a CD-ROM and in
The symposium language will be English.

Important Dates

   Abstracts             : April        12
   Full Papers           : April        16
   Reviews due           : May         15
   Author notification   : May         25
   Deadline for price
   reduced hotel
   booking               : June        10
   Camera-ready Papers   : June        15
   and Registration of at
   least one author per

   Hotel reservations    : May 25 to  August 30
   Registration deadline : June        30
   for reduced price

   Tutorials             : September    6
   Symposium             : September 7-9


General chairs

   - Aloimonos, Yiannis, University of Maryland, USA <yiannis@cfar.umd.edu>
   - Taubin, Gabriel, Brown University, USA <taubin@brown.edu>

Finance and registration chair

   - Duraiswami, Ramani, University of Maryland, <ramani@umiacs.umd.edu>

Local arrangements

   - Petrou, Maria <M.Petrou@ee.surrey.ac.uk>
   - Strintzis, Michael <strintzi@eng.auth.gr>
   - Mpountanour, Kalliope <kalm@iti.gr>
   - George Triantafyllidis <gatrian@iti.gr>


   - Kimia, Ben, Brown University, USA <kimia@lems.brown.edu>


   - Niovi Pavlidou, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki

Steering Committee

   - Yiannis Aloimonos, University of Maryland, USA
   - Guido Cortelazzo, University of Padova, Italy
   - Concettina Guerra, University of Padova, Italy
   - Avi Kak, Purdue University, USA
   - Jan Koenderink, Utrecht University, Holland
   - Pietro Perona, Caltech, USA
   - Gabriel Taubin, Brown University, USA
   - Luc Van Gool, University of Leuven-ETH Zentrum, Belgium-Switzerland

Keynote speakers:

    Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Geneva
    Vladimir Brajovic, CMU <brajovic@cs.cmu.edu>
    Jan Koenderink, Utrecht <j.j.koenderink@phys.uu.nl>
    Markus Gross, ETH Zurich <grossm@inf.ethz.ch>
    Craig Gotsman, Harvard <gotsman@eecs.harvard.edu>
    Demetri Terzopoulos, Courant <dt@cs.nyu.edu>
    George Barbastathis, MIT <gbarb@mit.edu>
    Andrew Fitzgibbon, Oxford
    Patrick Cavanagh, Harvard (patrick@wjh.harvard.edu)

Special session organizers include:

    Gotsman, Craig (geometry processing) <gotsman@eecs.harvard.edu>
    Pollefeys, Marc (multiple view geometry) <marc@cs.unc.edu>

Tutorials include:

Marc Pollefeys, 3D Photography

If you are interested in giving a tutorial, please
contact the Chairs.

Program committee:

  1 Marc Alexa <alexa@informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
  2 Nina Amenta <amenta@cs.ucdavis.edu>
  3 Anup Basu <anup@cs.ualberta.ca>
  4 Alexander Belyaev <belyaev@mpi-sb.mpg.de>
  5 Fausto Bernardini <fausto@us.ibm.com>
  6 Jean-Daniel Boissonat <Jean-Daniel.Boissonnat@inria.fr>
  7 Vladimir Brajovic <brajovic@cs.cmu.edu>
  8 Pere Brunet <pere@lsi.upc.es>
  9 Daniel Cohen-Or <dcor@tau.ac.il>
10 David Cooper <cooper@lems.brown.edu>
11 Guido Cortelazzo <corte@dei.unipd.it>
12 Kostas Daniilidis <kostas@cis.upenn.edu>
13 Larry Davis <lsd@umiacs.umd.edu
14 Leila DeFloriani <deflo@disi.unige.it>
15 Tamal Dey <tamaldey@cis.ohio-state.edu>
16 Craig Gotsman <gotsman@eecs.harvard.edu>
17 Markus Gross <grossm@inf.ethz.ch>
18 Concettina Guerra <guerra@dei.unipd.it>
19 Martial Hebert <hebert@ri.cmu.edu>
20 David Jacobs <djacobs@cs.umd.edu>
21 Avi Kak <kak@ecn.purdue.edu>
22 Myung-Soo Kim <mskim@cse.snu.ac.kr
23 Leif Kobbelt <kobbelt@cs.rwth-aachen.de>
24 Jan Koenderink <j.j.koenderink@phys.uu.nl>
25 Jana Kosecka <kosecka@cs.gmu.edu>
26 Frederic Leymarie <leymarie@lems.brown.edu>
27 Yi Ma <yima@uiuc.edu>
28 Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann <thalmann@miralab.unige.ch>
29 Roberto Manduchi <manduchi@soe.ucsc.edu>
30 Dinesh Manocha <dm@cs.unc.edu>
31 Ioana Martin <ioana@us.ibm.com>
32 Ralph Martin <ralph@cs.cf.ac.uk>
33 Takashi Matsuyama <tm@i.kyoto-u.ac.jp>
34 Randal Nelson <nelson@cs.rochester.edu>
35 Ko Nishino <kon@cs.columbia.edu>
36 Valerio Pascucci <pascucci1@llnl.gov>
37 Yannis Pitas <pitas@zeus.csd.auth.gr>
38 Marc Pollefeys <marc@cs.unc.edu>
39 Jean Ponce <ponce@cs.uiuc.edu>
40 Martin Rumpf <rumpf@math.uni-duisburg.de>
41 Holly Rushmeier <hertjwr@us.ibm.com>
42 Szymon Rusinkiewicz <smr@cs.princeton.edu>
43 Francis Schmitt <schmitt@ima.enst.fr>
44 Peter Schroeder <ps@cs.caltech.edu>
45 Hans-Peter Seidel <hpseidel@mpi-sb.mpg.de>
46 Claudio Silva <csilva@cs.utah.edu>
47 Yoshishisa Shinagawa <sinagawa@uiuc.edu>
48 Harry Shum <hshum@microsoft.com>
49 Stefano Soatto <soatto@cs.ucla.edu>
50 Carlo Tomasi <tomasi@cs.duke.edu>
51 Luc VanGool <vangool@vision.ee.ethz.ch>
52 Luiz Velho <lvelho@impa.br>
53 Denis Zorin <dzorin@mrl.nyu.edu>
54 Naokazu Yokoya <yokoya@is.aist-nara.ac.jp>
55 Peter Belhumeur <belhumeur@cs.columbia.edu>
56 Brian Curless <curless@cs.washington.edu>
57 Leonard McMillan <mcmillan@cs.unc.edu>
58 Davi Geiger <geiger@cs.nyu.edu>
59 Helder Jesus Araujo, Portugal
60 Daniel Cremers, UCLA
61 Nikos Paragios, Siemens/France