[Bf-committers] scons OSX game engine cvs built well, question

Michael Velikanje bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 4 Apr 2004 11:38:44 -0800

I posted that. On my system I get approx. a 20% increase in render 
speed and 10% in the game engine. If that's not working for you try 
opening gcc man pages and try some of the different optimization 
options on your system. Thats how I found the combination that speeded 
things up on my system, that and a lot of compiling and testing, if you 
find a combination that works for you please post it so others may try 
Just because I'm curious what is the result of running 'machine' on 
your system, how much ram, cpu mhz?? I've been trying the demo-files on 
my system and have found that everything mostly work the same as they 
did on 2.25,  with reasonable speed, (however, reasonable is 

Michael Velikanje

On Apr 4, 2004, at 10:31 AM, car wrote:

> At .org someone posted this adjustment to speed up scons builds Though 
> I did not get it to work yet. Can somebody help ?
> Optimization on the scons build method is nonexsistant for darwin. I 
> added
>  extra_flags = ['-pipe', '-fPIC', '-funsigned-char', '-ffast-math', 
> '-mcpu=7450', '-mtune=7450']
>  , '-ffast-math', '-mcpu=7450', '-mtune=7450' are the additions.
>  and
>  release_flags = ['-O3']
>  to the if sys.platform =='darwin' section and it speeded things up 
> nicely.
>  To find the correct machine type to add to -mcpu= and -mtune= use 
> machine at the command line:
>  Last login: Sun Mar 28 09:38:52 on ttyp4
>  Welcome to Darwin!
>  [PowerBookG4 10:17:43am michaelv ] ~% machine
>  ppc7450 you'll get something like this.
>  Or you can just use the generic -mcpu=powerpc assuming you have a 
> powerpc
>  For compiling the gameengine I added this to the SConscript file in 
> solid:
>  elif sys.platform=='linux2' or sys.platform=='linux-i386':
>  defines += ['NDEBUG']
>  cflags += ['-O2']
>  elif sys.platform == 'darwin':
>  cflags += ['-O3', '-ffast-math', '-mcpu=7450', '-mtune=7450']
>  This adds the same optimizations to solid as the rest of the code.