[Bf-committers] Tool tips translation status

Dave Stone bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 01 Apr 2004 09:02:08 -0500

At 06:09 AM 4/1/2004, you wrote:

>Or just mail me personally for login/password details...

Hi Ton.
Please send me the details. I'm going to have an erratic schedule for the 
next couple of days, and I may not get back onto IRC till the Sunday 
meeting. I'm not familiar with any of the content managers, but if you send 
me a pointer to a webpage for whatever we're using, I'll read up on it.

I've got the list of previous translators you sent. Along with them and the 
list of volunteers I got (I shamelessly hounded the Elysiun users) we've 
got everything covered except Chinese. I speak a little Mandarin myself, 
but not enough to even try a translation. I haven't been able to get in 
touch with anyone in China or Taiwan who uses Blender, or any of the US 
Chinese community who does, so unless someone responds to the posting I 
have at Elysiun we'll have to skip this one for now.

I think I'm going to use the Italian message file as the template. It's far 
more complete than anything else, including my own (they've got over 6000 
entries to my 1300). I'm in touch with Kino at Kino3D, and I just need to 
see if they've gotten around to updates since 2.27 that aren't in the CVS 
tree. If not, I'll have to make sure the new buttons and menus get put into 
their template.

I'm shooting for releasing the template to the translators on April 7. I'll 
send a message to everyone on that list you sent me later today and ask if 
they're still interested in helping out. I'd like to get back the 
translations in time for the April 15 release of 2.33, but I don't think 
that's likely to happen. The message files can be updated and downloaded 
separately from the release.