[Bf-committers] MacOS Compile Solved - WARNING

Douglas Bischoff bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 26 Sep 2003 15:54:18 -0400

On Friday, September 26, 2003, at 03:42 PM, Douglas Toltzman wrote:

> What was the reason why we can't use namespaces to resolve these 
> issues?

I am not familiar enough with namespace management and compiler 
settings to have done so. Using #undef failed, as did attempting to 
rename the item using typedef.

As I am apparently the only person who'd upgraded to gcc3.3 nobody else 
is having these problems. Rob Haarsma did a great job of moving his 
code to areas that weren't affected, but other problem areas persisted 
that I could not solve.

Thanks for any help in nailing this down!