[Bf-committers] WIndows Nvidia/ATI coders!

Tomas Golembiovsky bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:53:09 +0200

I found this one too, but this is probably not everything. And probably 
isn't realy releated to the bug reported (maybe only to the part 
"attempt to free NULL"). After some more testing I assume that it's 
something with window events, mainly due to the fact that it occures 
only when rendering is started using keyboard shortcut.

PS: There are some problems when using F12 key under Windows. I'm still 
getting some internal Windows kernel errors (internal debug 
breakpoints). Currently don't know what to do with this but I know it's 
not releated to our problem.

tdyar@mit.edu wrote:

> Hello,
> I don't know if I found the bug Ton referred to, but I found something weird on 
> my win2k machine running a debug tuhopuu2 from visual c++ 6. With a very big 
> test scene consisting of 1201 UVSpheres (2064744 Vertices, 2128896 Faces), a 
> render eventually crashes every time. Others may be able to reproduce this on 
> other platforms by making such a huge scene (SHIFTKEY+D) of the same object, so 
> that the internal Blender limits are reached. My objects were UVSpheres, so 
> maybe that had something to do with it.
> Here is an overview of the functions on the stack trace:
> void oldRenderLoop(void)
> prepareScene()
> RE_local_get_renderdata(void)
> RE_rotateBlenderScene(void)
> init_render_mesh(ob)
> I tracked the crash for my scene to init_render_mesh(), line 1648 of 
> convertBlenderScene.c, where an attempt is made to access a bad "vlak" returned 
> from RE_findOrAddVlak(). This fails on the second line:
> vlr= RE_findOrAddVlak(R.totvlak++);
> vlr->v1= RE_findOrAddVert(vertofs+mface->v1);
> This seems to be a "one-off" error where the RE_Render->blovl vlak array is 
> accessed one element past the end of the memory allocated it. This happens when 
> R.totvlak == MAXVLAK, and therefore blovl[MAXVLAK] is one too many. Here is 
> where this is SUPPOSED to be avoided in RE_findOrAddvlak() at line 123 of 
> renderdatabase.c:
> if(nr<0 || nr>MAXVLAK ) {
> 	printf("error in findOrAddVlak: %d\n",nr);
> 	return R.blovl[0];
> }
> If this is executed, rather than getting the vlak from blovl[nr>>8], it returns 
> the first one and prints out a message. So, how about changing the first line 
> to??:
> if(nr<0 || nr>=MAXVLAK ) {
> Well, you get a bunch of print statements of an error. THEN, since that call to 
> RE_findOrAddvlak increments R.totvlak, this stuff at line 265 of renderHelp.c 
> fails:
> for(a1=0; a1<R.totvlak; a1++) {
> 	if((a1 & 255)==0) vlr= R.blovl[a1>>8];
> 	else vlr++;
> So it seems that totvlak should max out at the MAXVLAK? I find this increment 
> all over the place in convertBlenderScene.c, so maybe this limit is RARELY 
> reached??? Adding this line after the findOrAddvlak() call seems to do the 
> trick:
> if(R.totvlak>MAXVLAK-1) R.totvlak = MAXVLAK-1;
> The only problem is that I get a "Memoryblock free: attempt to free illegal 
> pointer" message in the console after rendering finishes, which happens here, 
> line 283 of mallocn.c:
> if (((long) memh) & 0x3) {
> 	MemorY_ErroR("free","attempt to free illegal pointer");
> 	return(-1);
> }
> I can see that it is trying to free the last element of the blovl array, which 
> is non-zero, but not valid. Another one-off problem traded for the one I fixed, 
> but no crash. Needless to say I know next to nothing about what al this code 
> does, I am just looking at it from the perspective of a novice with a stack 
> trace ;) BTW, I got the same crash with this scene in Publisher 2.25.
> Thanks for any comments,
> Tom
> Quoting Tomas Golembiovsky <nyoxi@seznam.cz>:
>>I made some researches and it probably isn't problem with graphics 
>>cards. Can somebody confirm this bug on platforms *other* than Windows?
>>Ton Roosendaal wrote:
>>>This bug is popping up a while now:
>>>During blender is rendering a image, We press F12
>>>button, Then Blender is crashed after rendering is
>>>When crash, dos window displays "GHOST event error -
>>>invalid window-win:00F6C30(example)" or
>>>sometime "Memoryblock free:attempt to free NULL
>>>pointer". It happened when blender is rendering heavy
>>>scene(spend much memory).
>>>I tested this problem, Blender crashed with access
>>>The 'ghost event error' pops up more often it seems...
>>>The person who fixes it gets eternal fame!
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