[Bf-committers] Long plugin path problem

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 13:51:50 +0200


Although not all blender code has been adapted for it, our standard is:

../blenlib/intern/util.c:#define FILE_MAXDIR  160
../blenlib/intern/util.c:#define FILE_MAXFILE 80

The total filename+path therefore is 240 max. The define is a bit  
confusing here... 'file' is the actual file name, not its entire path.

Since the DNA code in Blender doesn't read #defines, you'll have to  
hardcode the string array lengths in it; in this case 240 chars minium,  
for paranoia safety reasons it is set at 256 in many cases.

The two .h files related to plugins have now:
DNA_texture_types.h: 160 chars
DNA_sequence_types.h 80 chars

Bad bad! :)

Although I 99.99% sure know that goes well, I hesitate to change this  
in the code without a test. No time for me to do it now. Another reason  
for it you'll read in a next mail I'll send.
What I just did was increasing the texture plugin path button max size  
to 160.


On Monday, Sep 22, 2003, at 00:16 Europe/Amsterdam, Robert Wenzlaff  

> On Sunday 21 September 2003 05:48 pm, Stephane SOPPERA wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I noticed today that the path of sequence plugins is limited to 80
>>> caracters (name member of the PluginSeq struct) and that strcpy is
>>> used to copy the path in this variable. So the memory is corrupted
>>> when the path for a plugin is longer than 80 characters (that's the
>>> case of many plugins on my system) and the plugin don't work ;-)
>>> An easy fix would be to set a bigger limit (bigger than FILE_MAXDIR
>>> which is quite small and lesser than PATH_MAX on my system). A better
>>> fix should be to use a C++ class for strings ;-)
> Well since most of the code is in straight C, the second option is a  
> bit
> tedious...
> _POSIX_PATH_MAX is 256, so there's no reason to make it longer than  
> that.  And
> it even pads the DNA nicely.   And in the big picture, really isn't  
> that much
> wasted memory.
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