[Bf-committers] Knife and square subdivide ready to commit....(?)

Robert Wenzlaff bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 01:06:38 -0400

Here's rev3 of the Knife subdivide tool.  Rev 2 was working, but I found a 
nice speedup.


I split my Square Subdivide (changes the 4 cases of adjacent sides being 
subdivided to make only quads) off as a separate patch.  I'm pretty sure I 
have the UV mapping right, and the vertex color mapping right.   I subdivided 
the heck out of a plane in all sorts of ugly ways and the UV mapping stayed 
the same.  The Vertex colors changed very slightly, but I noticed that type 
of change without using the new cases I wrote.  It changes 1 existing 
function, cpack_half(uint, uint) to cpack_fact(uint, uint, float).  But this 
was only used within set_wuv() and related functions in editmesh.c.

Now that there are 13 coded cases for set_wuv(), maybe we should #define some 
constants to make it more readable.... VERT1, EDGE4, CENTER ....

Here's that patch:

Both are against yesterday's (9-10-03) CVS of Tuhopuu2.  I couldn't get the 
latest to build.
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