[Bf-committers] Help: libpng version conflict

www.stani.be bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 16:55:36 -0700 (PDT)

I'm the developper of spe (http://spe.pycs.net), a
python editor for blender.  The editor uses wxwindows
which is built with libpng 1.2.x  Spe runs fine with
blender in windows because it is also built with
libpng 1.2.x  However what is strange is that the
linux blender binary is built with a version 1.0.x,
which makes spe crash when it is started from blender.
When blender is built from sources with a libpng 1.2.x
everything runs smooth and fine.
To be clear, I'm only a Python programmer and I don't
know anything about C, but luckily I got the following
feedback from a user:

libpng is added in source/Makefile on line 136:
COMLIB += $(NAN_PNG)/lib/libpng.a

All I had to do is to point the variable NAN_PNG (in
nan_definitions.mk) to libpng  v1.2.5 to make spe run
inside blender.

Would it be possible to solve this problem for the
next release?  Please send your email also to
s_t_a_n_i at yahoo.com

Thanks a lot,

PS I sent this problem to the bf-python list as well
on 30/8, without a helping response, so that's why I
send it here.

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