[Bf-committers] Help Moving Code: QT

Rob Haarsma bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 09 Sep 2003 23:32:29 +0200

Hey Bischofftep,

I did the Quicktime init move just now...
The init_quicktime()  function now happens in 
Note that this function is declared in /source/blender/imbuf/IMB_imbuf.h.
I'll try and tidy the stuff when i'm back from holidays.



Douglas Bischoff wrote:

> Hello, all:
> Okay, I've tried to do this myself and have not had any success. 
> Something has changed with the latest Apple system update for MacOS X 
> 10.2.6 that now causes a conflict to come up when trying to compile 
> creator.c with Quicktime enabled.
> The problem is in the code in creator.c that initializes Quicktime. In 
> particular, including the header file "movie.h" defines a duplicate 
> instance of the struct "ID" from makesDNA.
> The solution, aside from disabling Quicktime with 
> WITH_QUICKTIME=false, is apparently to move the initializing code (and 
> thus the need for the movie.h include) from creator.c to somewhere in 
> the imbuf code.
> But where?
> I'm not sure how to proceed with this, and the experts I was pointed 
> to don't have time to work on this. Seems relatively straightforward, 
> but I haven't had any luck with moving it to various areas.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks,
> -Bischofftep
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