[Bf-committers] many many thanks to everybody working on Blender!

Anarky bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 08 Sep 2003 02:24:44 +0300

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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; hi .. the point of this email is to express as many thanks as
it can possibly hold (these bytes have limited thanks storage capacity,
I hear) to everybody who ever worked or is working on Blender!! Many
many thanks for making it ... but especially for making it free .. and
continuing to work on it!! Thanks a LOT!! Also a lot of thanks for
having it work on both Windows &amp; Linux the same way (very good
thing for a transition to Linux for me). Besides the many thanks I
wanted to thank everybody in a more physical way. I'm not ritch .. so I
couldn't help there ... however ... well .. I'm a student ... soon
finishing, but before I've started thinking that I might get into
modelling/3d artwork (this summer mostly) I had my mind set on getting
into the 3d graphics/game/engine programming work for like maybe 5
years now. Anyway, around the start of this year me &amp; a friend
needed money so we stopped working on this Directx 3d engine working
with converted Quake3 maps and for a couple of months worked on this
OpenGl screensaver called "Flowers of Eternity" which we were planning
to sell. Anyway, skipping the story about the person who said would
take care of the selling, the website business &amp; all that (nope,
still no website for it .. well, not a deserving one, at least) ... I
(we) 'd like to show my(our) gratitude
to everybody working on the Blender team ... so ... if anybody'd be
interested we'd be offering a free version. You'd just have to email
<a href="mailto:graphicsdreams@ixaarii.com"
&nbsp;&nbsp; say that you're on the Blender team and giving a username (like say
"John Doe") .. and out of that we'll generate for you the keycode for
the version that can be downloaded from:<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated" href="http://www.ixaarii.com/FoE">www.ixaarii.com/FoE</a><br>
yes ... we're very sorry that it's a Windows only program :-( ... I'm
in Linux right now .. and am in the process of trying to move
completelly to Linux ... so sorry for all you Linux people (as a
tradeoff: 3 more huge packs of thanks for making Blender run on Linux
too &amp; helping me out &amp; everybody on Linux). You can still get a
free/thanks version though and keep it for some remote machine, or Wine
or future Windows emulation machine in Linux a la vmware ... or just
for the pleasure of storing your own version of Flowers of Eternity on
some age forgotten dusty cd ... but one that expresses the many thanks
of two people you've done a great service to.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; greets to everybody!!! thank you VERY very much!!<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; PS: this offer is for people working or who have worked on making
Blender better only (no matter how little the work, however just using
Blender doesn't count). If you know of some Blender developer who's not
on this list please forward him this mail.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; PS2: please don't spread this site around as it's in nowhere near
ready and we want to try to earn a buck out of this screensaver.<br>