[Bf-committers] Hi and some code (Vertex Groups)

Martin bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 7 Sep 2003 09:18:18 +0100

I thought about that, but decided it was more flexible and useful this way.

If you deselect everything, then press Unassigned, you can then press New
and Assign to create a new group with them all in it.  But the real reason I
put the function in is that I often have one or two stray vertices that
should be assigned to a group that already exists - the usual 'vertices left
behind' problem.

So you press unnassigned, and it lights up a few that should belong to a
leg, a few that should belong to a head, and so on.  This gives you a chance
to correct the grouping.

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| --- Chris Want <cwant@ualberta.ca> wrote:
| > > 2)    Minor enhancement.  New button labelled
| > 'Unassigned' to set to
| > > selected state all vertices which are either not
| > in any vertex group or have
| > > a combined weight of less than some (small)
| > epsilon.
| >
| > That sounds really handy!
| Indeed. Would also be nice that assigning the
| Unassigned group to vertice, it would unassigned all
| the groups from it/them (maybe with a confirm pop up
| to avoid mistakes).
| Martin
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