[Bf-committers] Patch to fix aliasing problems.

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 4 Sep 2003 15:27:47 +0200


Yep, good description, and I look forward to someone coding it! :)

A potential good solution might be still adding a special buffer for  
this, with actual non(-gamma) corrected original floating point values.  
Here we'll need a plugin interface or something to turn it into regular  
32 bits values.

By default then processing can be still done as it is now.

Hope you can agree with just adding Roberts patch without extra option  
button, and look at it again when someone comes with glow effect code.


On Wednesday, Sep 3, 2003, at 20:02 Europe/Amsterdam, Nathan Vegdahl  

>> Making Roberts code optional (or worse: a user option) won't solve the
>> problem for correct 'glow' effects.
>    The cause of glow (as in the glow sequence plugin) in real life is  
> as
> follows:
>    1) an area of the film recieves more light energy than it can  
> handle.
>    2) the extra energy "spills" into surrounding areas of the film.
>    (The same thing happens with CCD's as well.)
>    If the extra energy didn't spill, the film or CCD would be burned  
> in that
> area (this actually happened with earlier film).
>    Thus, glow effects can be correctly synthesized assuming that you  
> can
> represent light energy that is greater than what can actually be  
> displayed.
>    In short, the high dynamic range afforded by the floating point
> representation can be very useful for post processing effects.
> --Nathan Vegdahl
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