[Bf-committers] Please fix this annoying bug(s)

Yurec bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 20:07:30 +0600

Hi everyone!

Sorry for bad english (i'm always start like this).
I hope ton fix this before 2.30 out :
bug in the GUI (the very oldy one, i thought new gui fixed it but...)
All and every element of gui (pics, icons  or text on buttons, etc..) shouldn't be drawn
then it's out of screen (or obscured by another window). Right ? Yes of course ! 
But all versions of Blender (starting 1.72 which is first I worked this) has really
annoying (but easy to fix, I think) bug : Element is not drawn if it's left border is
out of view, even if right border is 'seeable'. And it is annoying because I can't
see material preview or datablock name (or menu name in new versions) if even one pixel
is under other window.

I noticed (accidentally) bug in  behaviour of the Gamma Slider (near post process button):
when gamma enable/disable button (under 'fields' button) change it's state, gamma slider 
appear/disappear only when window is updated (by moving/zooming). 
(on the other hand, who use this slider ? if there were people using it,
then this bug has been eliminated many months ago)


Best regards,
 Yurec                          mailto:YurecKey@mail.ru