[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: Loop selection

ilac bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 25 Oct 2003 14:46:43 +0200

> Sorry, I may have sounded a little more sarcastic than I hoped :)No
problem! :o) Such misunderstandings are one of the annoying and unfortunate
things about non-face-to-face communication. Avoiding any sarcasm in writing
is appreciated! Thanks :o)
> It IS possible to decide if an edge belongs to another selected face.
> If someone would implement it this way, he would run into a whole
> bunch of other "what-if's".
> I don't know if it's wise to bother the user with popups asking
> him what he wants to deselect and how he wants to deselect it...Not really
an issue at this point but I saw this as a selection in user prefs rather
than a constant pop-up - which i agree would be very annoying!

> so! my final say on this:
> 1) shift-like behaviour COULD be programmed (difficult)
> 2) it is questionable if it could be as predictable as
>    shift with vertex-select.
> 3) I'm not programming it because I think it is not usefull
>    if anyone else thinks it is, and it is needed, be my guest :)
> One thing is for sure, blender's mesh structure is not made for stuff
> like this :)
> RoelOk!  :o) Point taken! Although if someone ever does it's going to mean
re-arranging of hot-keys again but this is currently a non-issue seeing that
this is one of the topics up for revision in the near future especially for
what-if situtations!! :)On the plus side-keeping 'R' makes it more readily
accessible to my left(keyboard) hand which is a good thing! :o)Thanks again,
for the new features and taking the time to dicuss your reasons!