[Bf-committers] Linking SDL fails with the automake build system

John K. Walton bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 12:57:29 -0400 (EDT)

Christen, I've had similar problem in the past where I know what libs
are supposed to be there, but I don't know how to add them into the auto*
flow. I am quite likely negligent of seeing the answer in the past if
it's been commited here. but would some one please just give a simple
answer to the one basic question (i know that configure wants to have a 
sample lib call that it can use the nm the libs and select the right 
ones, but i really just want to short circuit that and add LIBS that 
I know are going to be there (are part of the OS), and not going away).

am I being unproductive? the irix auto* build has been broken for at least
a month due to me, and michael's inability to find common time. the libs
i want to add are base IRIX libs. and yes, i am capable of reading the
docs, but i don't have the time.... really you don't want to know why.


On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Christian Plessl wrote:

> Hi,
> Since some days blender suddenly doesn't build correctly on my Linux system 
> using the autotools buildsystem.
> When linking all files for the blender executable linking fails because of 
> missing SDL functions, with the following warnings:
> source/.libs/libblender_source.a(libblender_blendersrc_la-seqaudio.o)(.text+0xc4d): 
> In function `audio_fill':
> : undefined reference to `SDL_MixAudio'
> source/.libs/libblender_source.a(libblender_blendersrc_la-seqaudio.o)(.text+0xc72): 
> In function `audio_fill':
> : undefined reference to `SDL_MixAudio'
> source/.libs/libblender_source.a(libblender_blendersrc_la-seqaudio.o)(.text+0xcde): 
> In function `audio_init':
> : undefined reference to `SDL_CloseAudio'
> source/.libs/libblender_source.a(libblender_blendersrc_la-seqaudio.o)(.text+0xd11): 
> In function `audio_init':
> : undefined reference to `SDL_OpenAudio'
> source/.libs/libblender_source.a(libblender_blendersrc_la-seqaudio.o)(.text+0xd1a): 
> In function `audio_init':
> I fixed the problem by manually adding  -lSDL   to the flags used to link the 
> blender executable in the Makefile. Somehow the flags for linking SDL seem 
> not to be added correctly by the automake framework anymore.
> Regards,
>  Christian
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