[Bf-committers] Python/Gui/GameEngine help?

Martin bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 19:32:07 +0100

Despite the current state of the GameEngine (no SOLID), I'm trying to do
stuff with it, and am intimidated by the sheer size of the codebase.

I want to add extra functionality to the GameEngine, similar to the
Blender.Draw module.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Things I am trying to do:

Create a GUI overlay without using an OverlayScene which can contain
buttons.  The buttons should have icons not text.  Also I want text entry
box, for a chat interface.

Will it be easy (??) to allow the Blender.Draw module to be accessible from
the GamePlayer and also to draw in the main window, not in the Script window
which doesn't exist in the GamePlayer.  The canvas for this should be 2D and
unaffected by lighting.

Is the Blender.Draw module likely to do what I want assuming I can get the
GamePlayer to access it?  (ie, run an event loop, picking up events,
dispatching them to my event handler, doing mouseover highlighting of
buttons, calling button call backs and so on.)

I hope this doesn't sound too ambitious - I've spent what seems like months
reading loads of the code, and my brain is about to explode.



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