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Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:00:14 +0200


The blender interface_API.txt  describes how to add space for new  
Is in bf-blender/blender/doc/
Once we have a full makeover of the icons (including icon rows), i can  
help fixing the defines in resources.h. No prob. For now it's  
sufficient to add a couple of rows, and add corresponding defines to  
the resources.h file.

You don't want to know how i did cursors in Blender in the past... :)
I coded a buttons panel, with TOG|SHO|BIT buttons, in a grid, and  
exported the values to a file, to be included as plain C code.

Here is the code:

	/* short arr[16]; */
	/* for(b=0; b<16; b++) { */
	/* 	for(a=0; a<16; a++) { */
	/* 		uiDefBut(block, TOG|SHO|BIT|(15-a), 0, "", 100+12*a, 100-12*b,  
12, 12, &arr[a],0,0,0,0); ,""*/
	/* 	} */
	/* } */
	/* DefBut(BUT, 1001, "print",	50,100,50,20, 0, 0, 0, 0,0); */

I cant find the 'print' code anymore, but can look like

for(a=0; a<16; a++) printf("%x, ", arr[a]);

You'll have to export the two bitmaps (white and black) separate.
Are there better cursor design programs? I can hack it in some panel,  
with the 'Rt' button set at 111 or so... ;-)


On Monday, Oct 20, 2003, at 07:36 Europe/Amsterdam, Matt Ebb wrote:

> Hi,
> We're starting to run out of icon space in blenderbuttons.c / .png. I  
> want
> to add 4 more related ones (among some others too), and soon it will be
> difficult to keep related icons together in sequence - they'll have to  
> be
> fitted in available space individually. This is nasty for  
> organisational
> reasons, and because if I'm not mistaken, some UI controls, like  
> ICONTEXTROW depend on the order of icons in the file. Would someone  
> with the
> know-how be able to enlarge it some time? I'm not sure that it'll be a
> problem for 2.3, but definitely later once this 'configurable toolbar'
> happens and more icons are needed.
> Another thing - I was chatting with DetectiveThorn in IRC last night,  
> who
> was trying to figure out how to add custom mouse pointers to GHOST.  
> I'll
> have a  knife pointer for the knife tool very soon, but it needs to be  
> added
> somehow. Does anyone know how to do this?
> Cheers
> Matt
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