[Bf-committers] SoundSystem [NaN] make problem

Robert Wenzlaff bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 08:52:06 -0400

I'm having a problem with the default build system and I'm trying to fiure out 
if it's just a local thing.

In blender/intern/SoundSystem/intern/Makefile, there is a line

	CPPFLAGS += -I../../../blender/include

Counting the dots, this seems to point to  (or through anyway) the spot I put 
my symlink to the executable.

On my system 
	CPPFLAGS += -I../../blender/include

works.  But I don't want to break this for everyone else if it's the symlink I 
use messing up make.

If the first is correct, is there a way to exclude this one file from my 
commits*?  I have come up with one, edit the CVS/Root entry for that dir so I 
no longer have commit rights for those files (since I don't work on them).
Would removing the line for Makefile from  CVS/Entries have the effect I want?
(To chicken to risk the CVS for a test...)

Just wondering if there's a better way...

*No, I'd prefer not to explicitly list all the files I change when I commit.  
Robert Wenzlaff                  rwenzlaff@soylent-green.com