[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/source/blender/src editview.c header_view3d.c

Matt Ebb bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 22:57:08 +1000

> How is this function accessed? It should be put next to my
> Shift-G menu option "Select objects on same layer", as it is
> stunningly similar :)

You mean from a user's POV? It's in the 3D view -> select menu.

Only probs are that they aren't really about selecting stuff that has a
relationship with the active object (like the rest of the Shift-G stuff) -
they're global, so it doesn't really fit the idea of 'select grouped'...
Also, the layer one needs to open up another menu to select the layer which
isn't in the standard pupmenu() format. Any ideas?

I agree it's rather similar, indeed I'd almost forgotten that feature
(perhaps it would be good to include the Shift-G stuff it in the 3D view
menu as a sub-menu, rather than opening a new pupmenu().. would make it
easier to explore). I guess the major difference to it is that it doesn't
require an active selection.

For example I've been using it for things like moving around layer lights
from layer to layer, to hide and show them. Since there are a lot of lights
together in these scenes, it's slow to find the right ones with normal
selection since I have to keep selecting and checking the names to see if
it's the one on the layer that I want.

Do you think perhaps these two could/should be combined somehow?