[Bf-committers] blenderbuttons / mouse pointers

Matt Ebb bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 15:36:37 +1000


We're starting to run out of icon space in blenderbuttons.c / .png. I want
to add 4 more related ones (among some others too), and soon it will be
difficult to keep related icons together in sequence - they'll have to be
fitted in available space individually. This is nasty for organisational
reasons, and because if I'm not mistaken, some UI controls, like ICONROW /
ICONTEXTROW depend on the order of icons in the file. Would someone with the
know-how be able to enlarge it some time? I'm not sure that it'll be a
problem for 2.3, but definitely later once this 'configurable toolbar'
happens and more icons are needed.

Another thing - I was chatting with DetectiveThorn in IRC last night, who
was trying to figure out how to add custom mouse pointers to GHOST. I'll
have a  knife pointer for the knife tool very soon, but it needs to be added
somehow. Does anyone know how to do this?