[Bf-committers] #blendercoders meeting notes

Roel Spruit bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 19 Oct 2003 18:48:09 +0200


Here are the subjects we talked about at todays meeting, they are a little
For people wanting to read up on the entire discussion (eek, get a life :D)
here is
the full log: http://www.elysiun.com/~roel/logs/bf-committers-19-10-2003.txt

1) Organising Funboard

- Mailinglist structure fails for discussion about multiple topics at once.
- Write guidelines for Funboard (Goofster)
- Wait untill after 2.3 to see if the coder-user feedback is as bad as it is
now or
if it's only due to rapid changes (gui)

2) New GUI

- Theeth: re-organize Constraint buttons, Effects
- Goofster: Scene buttons
- Broken: post guidelines
- Autoscale: <Ton> not nice
- Auto Align: <Ton> Not nice in some cases (small windows)
- the only way to try this is to code it, if we have them time we'll lets
funboard try it.

3) Constraints

- Theeth: moving along nicely, some small things to fix, he can commit
without having trouble with Ton's gui commits.

4) Knife- LoopCut

- Det.Thorn: adding other modes to knife (exact cut, cut at 50 %)
- Goofster: moving along nicely, adding preview-trail (hopefully)

5) Transform Stuff

- <_broken> yeah - should turn off the helpline when rotating->MMB
	<theeth> easy to fix
- <_broken> I'm sometimes getting weird helpline angles when moving multiple
verts in editmode > MMB
	<theeth> _broken: if you have a screen shot or a stetch, it would help
  <_broken> scaling too
  	<theeth> lots of bugs with scaling, I know

Committing order:
<theeth> Helplines
<theeth> axis Constrain
<theeth> numerical input
<theeth> vertice snapping
<theeth> new mirror tool

6) Tuhopuu-BF synchronisation

- <theeth> Auto-IK
- Theeth: will commit fixes he made in tuhopuu
- <LarstiQ> Goofster: could you write down, 'kick LarstiQ at the conference
to do BF-Tuhopuu sync'?

7) 2.3 schedule

- Feature freeze sunday the 26th
- Total freeze Wednesday the 29th