[Bf-committers] Autoconf updates

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 21:02:23 +0200

Hey all,

I've just made some major updates to the autoconf system. I've been
looking at the autoconf system from Mozilla. Some updates I made apply
to systems that I don't have access to (Windows, OS-X). Now, I'm pretty
confident the OS-X will build correctly. I'm not entirely sure about the
Windows build though.

The reason why I committed the update is that we still have access to
the regular Make environment.

If there are problems, please report them. Also provide the following:
- config.log
- configure
(Do not send those files directly to the list, as these will be pretty
big. Send them to me personally, or upload them to a location where I
can find them).

Thanks in advance.

With regards,