[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-funboard] Re: Undo Possibilities

ilac bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 20:05:46 +0200

For non organic meshes, the 50% cut makes a lot of sense. I've already
needed it in a few architectural projects and have loaded up Tuhopuu just
for that. As for the arbitrary decision regarding other percentages, they
could be useful too. A possibility is to present 4 choices to the user.
1. Intersect
2. 50 %
3. Arbitrary % (brings up numerical request window)
4. Arbitrary no of divisions (brings up numerical request window)

I would keep the 50% as an option even with option no 3 available.

In short: Intersect is only useful for organic cutting. For more precise
dividing/cutting the least we could be given is a 50% cut option - and that
is a real world need as there are a lot of Blender users who make use of
Blender for cad visualisation purposes. To this group the intersect option
is redundant! ;oP



Subject: Re: [Bf-funboard] Re: Undo Possibilities

> > This again comes down to the point that it's difficult to draw
> with
> > the mouse, and the original intent of the tool (which was to selectivly
> add
> > geometry to a mesh).  It escentially gives a "loop cut", but the loop
> be
> > defined arbitrarily as opposed to Goofster's loop algorithm.  One click
> (or
> > one extra enter, since Pupmenu remembers last choice), to possibly avoid
> > having to move dozens of verts.
> Yup, I'm just trying to think practically though - in actual use, if I'm
> adding geometry by knife cutting, I want the geometry where I want it. To
> me, the 50% seems kind of arbitrary in a way - why not 40%? or 60%? If I'm
> modelling something and cutting a new edge, in what situations would I
> a new edge at *exactly 50%* along the row, rather than a location of my
> choosing?
> I know I'm kinda playing the devil's advocate here, but every time a new
> choice or option is added, there's a tradeoff. The trick is to know when
> added complexity and slower operation is worthwhile or not. Or maybe I'm
> just paranoid about Blender turning into the typical open source UI which
> littered with thousands of options (reminded of this article:
> http://ometer.com/free-software-ui.html ) when they may not be necessary.
> So I'm just curious as to whether other people have found real-world
> practical uses for the 50% option or not, since in my own experience, I
> haven't, that's all.
> Cheers
> Matt