[Bf-committers] Realtime shaders

Clinton Baldridge bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 13 Oct 2003 23:38:21 -0400

I'm trying to develop support for real-time shaders in Blender, specifically 
NVIDIA Cg.  The development has been slowed a little because of my college 
classes, but things are working like they should. Currently I am testing a 
Python version of the code nessasary to load and compile a Cg script at 
runtime.  However, in the interest of time, I'm considering scrapping that 
and writing it in C++ with-in  the Blender source tree.  That is what needs 
to be tested anyway, so why waste time with the Py code.  Obviously this is 
something that will not be in a Blender release for long time, but I might 
as well try to implement it now on an experimental basis. I think it would 
be great to assign realtime shaders, like one would assign a material in 
Blender.  Perhaps, even from the same menu, sort of like the dynamic 
material setting in Blender now(How I miss the game engine;-).  We could 
provide both a way to use Cg scripts and a way to use sliders to alter 
variables in the script. We could include some built-in scripts and a way to 
dynamically create a script from GUI options.  Let me know if any of you 
have ideas or insights on implimenting real-time shaders.


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