[Bf-committers] Knife Subdivide patch for BF-2.3.

Robert Wenzlaff bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 12 Oct 2003 17:14:53 -0400

This is a patch against October 12th's CVS (about 2200 GMT).

It adds the Knife Subdivide function.  I moved it to Shift-K, because K will 
become the new "cut menu".  I left it out of the W menu because of that.

Since it was unclear that IDC_PEN was available under the window build system, 
and I don't have a windows machine to test with, I used IDC_CROSS for the 
CURSOR_PENCIL in intern/ghost/intern/GHOST_WindowWin32.cpp, so at least the 
user has some indication that the tool is invoked.

This patch needs to be applied before the EditMesh_undo patch (that I will 
post later).  It shouldn't interfere with the other patches I'll be posting.

Robert Wenzlaff                rwenzlaff@soylent-green.com