[Bf-committers] Multiple Monitors Problem OSX

Douglas Bischoff bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 09:50:24 -0400


Been awhile since I bugged folks about OSX issues. :-)

I don't know if any other coders are running OS X on dual-monitor 
systems, so this may be very hard to test, but when I am running 
Blender on my external monitor it loses OpenGL context CONSTANTLY. 
(This is perhaps not the right term, so I'll describe).

1) When I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and the Dock 
appears (I have auto-hide turned on) the Blender window becomes 
completely corrupt, with repeating chunks of the desktop pattern 
throughout it and parts of the Blender menu somewhere in the middle of 
the screen. When the Dock hides again, the Blender window re-draws.

2) When Blender opens another window itself (ala when rendering) the 
background "main" Blender window does the same thing as described 
above: it goes completely haywire and fills the screen with repeating 
chunks of the desktop pattern.

Probably an issue with GHOST, but perhaps not.

Any help is greatly appreciated!