[Bf-committers] Pupmenu conventions. (Was: CVScommit:blender/source/blender/src edit.c)

Robert Wenzlaff bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 09 Oct 2003 14:28:57 -0400

At 01:15 PM 10/9/03 -0400, Ton wrote:
> > > Your changing of the %k behavior is a fine, welcome addition.
> > > But you just broke the "W-4" combo (well, ok, I did it first).  That's
> > > what
> > > started this debate.   Knife belongs with  the other subdivides, but
> > > can't go
> > > there without breaking key combos.
> > >

And later:

 >> In the Snap Menu, which was a SNAP CURSOR menu, the new 'selected to
 >> centre' option can logically and consistantly put to the end, also to
 >> reward the old convention. It was even doubtful if the option belonged
 >> there...
 >>Such decisions, as I said before, can just be looked at at a per case
 >> base. And I doubt there are many cases we should reward old conventions.

This debate isn't about any specific menu and the choices made 
therein.  The "W"
and "SHIFT-S" only served to point out the problem, because those are what
changed last.

The problem is, we are _almost always_ forced to choose between logically 
arranging the
menu items or not breaking key combos.  We shouldn't have to make that 
They should be independent choices.  We should be coming up with rules that 
need breaking, rather than justifying why we need to break the existing rules.

The only time we aren't forced to make this choice is by luck (new item 
logically fits
at end as it happened to do with Shift-S).  Should a dependency on luck be 
part of
the standard build system? (I don't think luck is exported in Windows, it's 
an internal OS call.)

The complaints were "W-4 is no longer remove doubles." (or Merge depending 
on when).
That is all I am trying to answer  - logical sort AND W-4 stays Rem. 
Doubles.  Because of the speed of development, many people have multiple 
versions installed (because this or that doesn't work...)  The key combos 
need to be consistent.

I've about run out of breath on this subject.  Let me know what you decide.

Robert Wenzlaff