[Bf-committers] Re: New Gui comments

Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 6 Oct 2003 19:36:20 +0200

matt@mke3.net (2003-10-06 at 1657.08 +1000):
> screen edges are gone now, and b) since Blender was first designed, most
> people are using much larger screen resolutions. The extra space feels much
> more comfortable in larger screen sizes - heck, XSI requires 1280x1024...

Funny, years ago, I read somewhere (mail?) someone (Ton?) saying that
Blender target size always had been 1280*1024 which was the SGI
"default" size. Sorry but I can not resist laughing a bit about the
funny side of your comment. I always found colour changes (brighter)
funny as well, for which I have an unconfirmed theory: moving from SGI
machines' gamma to no gamma, I mean PC "gamma". We need an history
section. :]