[Bf-committers] New Gui comments

Matt Ebb bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 6 Oct 2003 16:57:08 +1000

Yup, I agree. Though I think it can/should be solved by a bit more tweaking
sizes and colours. The original (quite small) mockup I made is here:
http://reblended.com/www/broken/interface/layout/rt2b.png  . You may notice
the headers are a bit wider and more spacious - this helps to give it a bit
more space/definition and get rid of so many horizontal/vertical lines all
in such a tight are, hopefully making things a bit clearer as to what header
belongs to what window. The extra 2 or so pixels doesn't matter since a) the
screen edges are gone now, and b) since Blender was first designed, most
people are using much larger screen resolutions. The extra space feels much
more comfortable in larger screen sizes - heck, XSI requires 1280x1024...


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> The reorganized buttons are looking good. (I resorted to automake).
> However, I think the border between windows need to be larger, Esp.  2
> adjacent 3D windows.  In some situations (lots of horiz/vert. black lines
> the scene) , it's very hard to tell with a quick glance where one begins
> one ends.  Maybe just outline the border in a color not typically used in
> scene.
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