[Bf-committers] meeting & status of UI project

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 4 Oct 2003 22:16:19 +0200


I'm about to do a huge commit. It has 2 new c files in blender/src, so  
the automake/MSVC people have to add that.

What is done now:
- menu system from Matt integrated
- buttons drawing from Matt
- generic button panel system implemented
- converted displaybuttons (not the rest yet)
- cleaned up a lot in drawing spaces itself, to make it aligned and  
pixel exact.
- cleaned loads of little compiler warnings, protos...


How the panel system works:
- use rightmouse in buttonswindow to define alignment system
- then press 'home' icon (homekey) to have it boundboxed nicely.
- mousewheel scroll: standard scrolls in good direction, hold CTRL for  
- just drag the panels around!
- it saves nicely in a file

Technical doc will follow...

What needs to be done:
1- further converting of buttons.c into panels, like buttons_world.c  
etc. In the end the old buttons.c file will be obsolete and removed.
2- splitting headerbuttons.c in smaller files! (header_view3d.c,  
header_oops.c. etc).
3- implementing pulldown menus for other headers
4- splitting interface.c into drawing part and handling part.
5- fixing 'ok' menu events in tools (for pulldown commands)
6- coding of new toolbox
7- cleaning up colors usage, to prepare for user 'thems'

I will prepare for step '1' tomorrow, before meeting. Then others can  
help with nicer design. I'll also use Madprofs work for '7', and code  

During tomorrow's meeting 16-18 CEST (GMT 14, Sao Paulo 11, EDST 10,   
PDST 7,  Sydney 24) we can further discuss the todo list & review stuff.

#blendercoders, ircfreenode.net


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org