[Bf-committers] Meeting report sunday november 16

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 22 Nov 2003 00:03:23 +0100

Hi all,

A bit late... but yah, busy you know!

1. New admins
Currently the role 'admin' of the bf-blender project is not well  
described or worked out yet. What at least was the purpose:
-> a small group of representative active developers, who can make  
decisions if needed.
-> people who can help out checking on patches
-> admins can add new developers to the project (give cvs write)
-> admins can kick my ass!

It's not really about 'status' here... more of being available and  
hands on for little things, and knowing what goes on. The current admin  
team isn't very active recently, which made me think of making it for a  
while a rotating job, admins then just reflect they're being active &  
representive in bf-blender.

As first 'rotate shift' replacement for Larstiq, Sirdude and Phase, I'd  
like to propose to add Michel, Martin (Theeth) and Matt (_broken). The  
last one doesn't know yet though. :)
Together they reflect pretty nice activity that goes around here.  
Candidates mentioned for a next shift were Robert, Hos, Intrr,  

At the meeting agreed was on sending this to the list for further  

2. Release 2.31

Will be covered in a separate mail...

3. Game engine
One of the active coders in Ketsji (Saluk) was at the meeting. We  
briefly went over last week's issues with game engine again. Agreed on  
- Kester & Saluk keep working on tuhopuu Ketsji
- We wait for my feasibility study for how/when to bring back 2.04  
engine (Enji). Then we can do a separate meeting with engine coders /  
users on this topic.
- Basically Saluk thinks operating as independent project might work  
out well


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org