[Bf-committers] glFinish() problem

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 12:54:55 +0100


The glFinish() is for many gfx cards (also ATI and also on OSX) a  
signal to refresh screen or swapbuffers. Otherwise frontbuffer drawing  
is not visible.
It's not a hack anymore, but more of a compliancy issue. I've tried to  
minimize the amount of glfinish() calls to the max, because I also  
noticed a lot of slowdown here on OSX. It might be possible some calls  
still abuse it though... best is when you report the worst cases here,  
then I check on it.

The window position is a problem yes... but that also resides still in  
ghost itself. Some windowmanagers in Linux do unexpected things here.
It's better not to touch this code until we have people who *really*  
know what they're doing; understand ghost and what it does for X11 and  
Windows and OSX...


On Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003, at 04:10 Europe/Amsterdam, Guillaume R.  

> Hi !
> Ive two problem, a minor and a major:
> - major:
> I've noticed that many glFinish() functions have been put everywhere to
> solve a bug with GeForce cards, isn't it ?
> It seems to be fast_but_bat hack , no?
> During my port of blender on MorphOS, I've an huge pb of cpu eating  
> caused
> by this function :-(. I've tested the code without unneeded  
> glFinish(), and
> yes, the code works better... ;-).
> So, I would like to know if the pb with NVidia cards has been resolved  
> or not.
> And if the BlenderTeam want to change the events handling design of  
> code (so,
> to remove unneeded glFinish())...
> - minor (hmm not too):
> in ghostwinlay.c: when you open a window, you should not rely on the
> size/position given to GHOST_CreateWindow(), because, you've no  
> guarantees
> that the OS will let you to open window like you want! a better  
> solution is to
> get the effective size/position of window after it is opened.
> Regards.
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