[Bf-committers] Python debug prints

Willian Padovani Germano bf-committers@blender.org
28 Jun 2003 21:45:34 -0300


On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 04:47, Soren Harward wrote:
> While we're on the subject of exppython, has the API been finalized (by 
> this I mean the design is fixed, not the code is finished)?  I've been 
> using it for a few weeks now and have some ideas for improvements.  I'd 
> just like to know if those ideas are welcome.

The goal for the first release is to substitute the old implementation
as smoothly as possible -- keeping compatibility with the 2.25 - 2.27 
API.  Improvements on the interface are planned for later (maybe Blender
2.29 or ?), only after we get user (script writers) input and discuss
about the design, to avoid constant changes.  It's a delicate issue,
people are really tired of API changes in Blender Python.

But yes, ideas are welcome, they just can't be integrated right now. 
People interested might want to subscribe to the Blender Python
(bf-python) mailing list.

Willian, wgermano@ig.com.br