[Bf-committers] Feature Request: Per-polygon properties

Jorrit Tyberghein bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:59:52 +0200

Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> Hi,
> If you look at the Mesh structure (directory makesdna), it has links 
> to  alternative (extension) blocks as well. They're used for vertex 
> groups,  for texture faces, for vertex colors, etc.
> The properties you describe don't seem to be too obscure, so you can  
> just decide to hardcode them in the TFace (texture face) and just  
> provide buttons for it in Blender.
> If you nicely #ifdef it in the code (structs too) the Blender  
> fileformat won't complain...  you can just include much more data per  
> face, and your blender reads it, whilst other blenders just skip it.
> Third option is the 'Property' system in Blender... but doing this 
> per  face is far to clumsy. I need to know more about CrystalSpace  
> requirements. How much important is having real freedom to add  
> properties, or is it just a pretty fixed list?

It is a fixed list. Basically at this moment we would need the following

    - Lighting: (boolean)
    - Collision detect: (boolean)
    - Visibility culling: (boolean)
    - Shading: (boolean)
    - Alpha: (float)
    - Mixmode: one of the following:
            - Copy
            - Add
            - Mult
            - Mult2
            - Alpha
            - Keycolor
    - Portal: complex attribute with the following components:
            - Destination sector name: (string)
            - Optional transformation (3x3 matrix + vector)
            - Mirror: (boolean)
            - Static: (boolean)
            - Float: (boolean)
            - ZFill: (boolean)
            - Clipdest: (boolean)

That's basically it. The property system doesn't really have to be 
like I showed above. A propery like 'portal_mirror' would be sufficient.

Most of these properties are rather CS specific. So I think a generic 
system would be
best here in order not to polute Blender with CS specific stuff.


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