[Bf-committers] Feature Request: Per-polygon properties

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:53:12 +0200


If you look at the Mesh structure (directory makesdna), it has links to  
alternative (extension) blocks as well. They're used for vertex groups,  
for texture faces, for vertex colors, etc.

The properties you describe don't seem to be too obscure, so you can  
just decide to hardcode them in the TFace (texture face) and just  
provide buttons for it in Blender.
If you nicely #ifdef it in the code (structs too) the Blender  
fileformat won't complain...  you can just include much more data per  
face, and your blender reads it, whilst other blenders just skip it.

Third option is the 'Property' system in Blender... but doing this per  
face is far to clumsy. I need to know more about CrystalSpace  
requirements. How much important is having real freedom to add  
properties, or is it just a pretty fixed list?


On Thursday, Jun 12, 2003, at 13:13 Europe/Amsterdam, Jorrit Tyberghein  

> We are trying to use Blender as the editor for Crystal Space levels.  
> See:
>    http://projects.blender.org/projects/blend2cs/
> for the Blender project related to this. Also see:
>    http://crystal.sf.net
> for the Crystal Space 3D Engine itself (I'm the project manager BTW).
> However, we have one problem which makes Blender slightly less than  
> ideal
> for us. In Crystal Space there are various properties that can be set  
> per polygon.
> For example, alpha transparency, visibility culling enabled/disabled,  
> collision
> detection enabled/disabled, portal (to other sector), ...
> Since it seems impossible to attach generic user properties to  
> polygons in Blender
> we are forced to misuses texture names for these features. And this is  
> very clumsy
> indeed.
> How hard would it be to allow setting of properties per individual  
> polygon or
> alternatively allowing to mark groups or individual polygons in some  
> way so we
> can recognize it in the export script?
> Greetings and thanks,
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