[Bf-committers] Gameengine - ODE and Python

Patrick bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 09:24:41 -0700


>Hello out there. Has anybody tested the latest gameengine under windows?
>Do the physics work?

    I am on windows, using a really old build of tupohuu, and the 
physics do work.  I've been trying to compile the main tree, but can't 
get it to compile with the game engine activated.  Are you using the 
evil tree or the main tree?  Is it updated on cvs?  If you are using the 
main tree, can you help me figure out how to compile it with the game 
engine enabled, cause it didn't want to work for me.

>I thought ODE would do almost the same as sumo/solid? Maybe the physics
>simulation is a bit different and has more features.

    I think that putting solid back in when it's available would be a 
good thing, because changing physics engines might totally throw the 
physics off-whack for some old games.  Also, the current physics are a 
bit more gamey, which might suit some games better than ODE.  Options 
are a good thing.  But I'm definately more excited about ODE now that 
there is something going on with it.

>The bounding box values are not right I think, an ODE creates it's objects
>from it. What to do for empty objects?

    For now, I am simply using objects position for the culling, I 
haven't thought about bounding box yet, but since I couldn't find 
anything in the source that makes the bounding box I was going to 
generate it myself.  But if it's already generating it it could be a 
waste of time.  If any of you know where that function is I'd like to 
see it:)

>A question is: Should the replaced mesh appear in blender also (like my old
>version which used NMesh directly) or is it just for gameengine?

    I'm not sure about this one.  If you make it appear in both, that's 
bound to add a greater speed hit to the gameengine.  Also I'm not sure 
if it will work right if a game is published and it tries to put 
something in normal blender.  Then again it could be useful in normal 
blender as well.  I suppose it would be easiest to make it appear in 
both for now, and change it later if necesary.