[Bf-committers] Gameengine - ODE and Python

Michael Hertel bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 18:12:00 +0200 (CEST)

Sorry, the first try was to cvs list.

Hi blenderers,

Blender is used by me in a technical simulation

First I used the alt-a anim preview as display
frontend for my project.
Replacing and adding meshes via Blender.NMesh were
Textures (alpha) and camera movement quite bad.

With ongoing development migration to the 2.25
game_engine was done.
Textures and camera movement (with physics) were
great. Mesh adding and replacement really poor.

As workaround, I replaced and added meshes still with
Blender.NMesh and started the scene with the
appropriate actuator new. That gives me new objects
and replaced meshes. But also flickering and all
inertial object positions. So far so good.

With the last development step, the replaced mesh is
a totally different (not just resized as before).
There seems to be some bugs/problems with
scene-converter that brings the uv-mapping/texture
loader to crash.

For further research I used the cvs Version:

The first problem is, that BPY isn't avaible anymore
in gameengine (some dictionary problems I found

The Second is the dynamic engine. Solid (afaik
collsion lib) is out. Some efforts were done to
integrate ODE. I wonder why there was not simply
another collision library integrated? A quick look
at ODE and I think I understand, why that was choosen.
Very impressive demos!

To solute the above problemes I have the following

First: Develop a clone of Blender.NMesh and
Blender.Image for game_engine mesh and texture

Second: Make ODE working. I attempted to create a
blender version of the boxstack test/example. But
dropping any object makes them rotating weird
around and away. Also gravity seems to have no
Collision also doesn`t work...

To come to an end, my questions are:
Is anybody also working on that parts?
How far is solid back in away?
Should I post some UML drawings I made about
[Sequence diagramm] and
[Activity diagramm]?


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