[Bf-committers] Draw faces/edges and some contraints ranting

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 19:11:15 -0600

> It shouldn't take real long for me to transfer them to
> the bf tree, but since you're making the release
> wednesday, I might aswell finish working on FollowPath
> and bundle all of them at once, or do you plain on
> making a post-SIGRAPH release?

The feature freeze for 2.28 was on
Sunday... this information was
passed on at the meeting, and
probably should have been forwarded
to the mailing list too. I guess
they will make a worthy addition
to 2.29...

I've tested the constraints a bit this
evening and they seem to work pretty
good ... including converting old
tracks to constraints... hopefully
that last issue regarding the follow path
constraint will get resolved (using
object transformation in calculation).
I hope more people are able to test
this stuff, especially with old blends.

> It's a sad fact that I won't be able to attend many
> sunday meeting before well into september, but like I
> said I think it would be a good idea to form a group
> of people working on character animation tools
> (armature, constraints, ...), so we could at least
> know who is working on what (would be sad for two
> people to work independently on the same feature).

Yep, maybe we should communicate via the
animation forum on w.b.o (if I have to
join another mailing list I'm going to
scream!). As for irc meetings, Aphex is
in Britain so we are a bit hosed
for meeting times during the week as I can't
really connect until after work -- which is
very late in UK. I suppose we might be able
to arrange some kind of before work thing ...
ApheX, any times that are good for you?

> cheerio,
> Martin

lucky charms,