gripes -- Re: [Bf-committers] New render options

Chris Want
Sun, 20 Jul 2003 08:29:54 -0600

> Sorry to tell you, but this is almost impossible to do. SDL itself can create 
> a lot of inpredictable dependencies depending on what backends have been 
> enabled during compile time (and there exist many). The only way to get this 
> right is to use sdl-config. Dropping sdl-config will only get you into deep 
> trouble. *Never* do this. It's a lot better and safer to add a 
> - --witih-sdl-config={path} option to configure.

This isn't quite true -- either the person compiling uses
the version that is in lib/<platform> (in which case we have
full control of what sdl was configured with), or they can
compile their own version and override stuff with environment
variables to use the output from sdl-config. I am saying
that by default we should should give the blender maintainers
first choice on how blender is linked, and the sdl developers
can have second choice.

In the case of irix, we chose to create a static linking of
sdl into blender so that neither the end user, nor anybody
interested in building blender for themselves need install
sdl if they don't want to (or install any of it's possibly
poorly chosen dependendancies, like aalib).