[Bf-committers] Solid library

Charles Wardlaw bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 4 Jul 2003 07:53:36 -0700 (PDT)

AFAIK, the GNU license also forces any code linked into a program into
the GNU license.  Libraries and plugins that use either dynamic libs or
simple .a files are automatically considered under the GPL if they're
distributed with a GPL'd program.  Thus, if we distributed the binary
form of Solid with Blender, and / or linked against it, we'd be in
violation, regardless of any special exceptions offered by either
copyright holder.

The only difference comes if you're writing plugins using fork() and
exec(), I think.  Also, we're still allowed to link against Solid
binaries internally, as long as the Blender release using Solid is not
distributed outside the foundation developers.

- Charles

--- Ton Roosendaal <ton@blender.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Ho shit! This gnu text is so hard to understand... they say this:
> "Only the copyright holders for the program can legally authorize
> this  
> exception"
> Here, a pointer to "the program" is confusing. From the text before
> it,  
> I've assumed that "the program" applies to the exception library. As 
> they write:
> "This copyright notice and license notice give permission to link
> with  
> the program FOO:"
> I hoped the (c) holder of Solid could allow it... but I now re-read
> it,  
> it seems that the (c) holders of Blender have to agree with it...  
> shesis.
> > Does the Blender Foundation automatically own copyright of code
> that
> > is committed? Or are the individual patches/commits/etc still owned
> by  
> > the
> > authors?
> Each contributor to the code holds the original (c). As is for the
> code  
> contributed by NaN.
> Thanks for the hint, so this will mean it's just not possible...?
> -Ton-
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