[Bf-committers] More OS X Compile Notes

Hans Lambermont bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 3 Jul 2003 22:14:34 +0200

Douglas Bischoff wrote:

> Also, currently a number of bad command line options are being 
> specified, to wit:
> >cc1plus: warning: ignoring command line option '-Wbad-function-cast'
> >cc1plus: warning: ignoring command line option '-Wmissing-declarations'
> >cc1plus: warning: ignoring command line option '-Wnested-externs'
> My checking of the gcc man pages suggests that the first and last 
> options (bad-function-cast and nested-externs) are C options ONLY. Why 
> are they being listed in nan_warn.mk as c++ warning definitions? Should 
> those be removed?

Might be my lazyness, though I doubt that :-P

My gcc (2.95.4) man page says nothing special about -Wnested-externs or
-Wmissing-declarations.  being C-only (it does tell C++ only for fi.
-Wenum-clash, which is not present in nan_warn.mk)

-Wbad-function-cast doesn't exist in my manpage (anymore ?) I'll check
tomorrow with my printed version (of 2.95.2 or 3 I think).

I think we suffer from moving gcc warning options targets across
different gcc versions.

> Not sure why missing-declarations is failing.

Which gcc version are you using ?

> There are a large number of warnings about old style function casts... 
> I see that there is a compiler option to ignore those, too... should it 
> be included?

That's a matter of taste; I'd say: clean up all the old style stuff,
unless some other compiler that we use (IRIX anyone ?) *needs* it.

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