[Bf-committers] irc meeting minutes june 29

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 20:08:59 +0200

Hi all,

irc.freenode.net, #blendercoders


1. blender.org news
2. functionality board & module owners
3. pre release
4. translation project
5. other projects

--------1. blender.org news articles

_broken mentions the really nice article SirDude wrote on 'getting  
started with the Blender code'. Everyone's invited to make such  
contributions more often.
Ton promised to work on the 'blender code map', a graphical layout of  
the code.

--------2. functionality board & module owners
The board has taken off, with a new project at the projects.blender.org  
site. The Tracker got a redesign as well, now allowing posting of urls  
and images.
Please check it here, and find the topics that interest you!

The FuBo tries to assign a topic to a person (or group) to make it a  
real doc/proposal. It is important to get the coders involved in this  
as well, but also to find a means how to get this realized. One of the  
things we could think of is appointing official "module owners".  
Meaning a single person organizing patch/code reviews, keep the focus,  
do communication, etc. Sometimes an owner can be a group as well.  
Blender doesn't have a lot real modules (yet) but we can consider  
topics like 'Character animation' or 'Mesh editing' a module as well.
A module owner then can function as a prime contact when it's about new  
feature proposals. Mozilla example: http://www.mozilla.org/owners.html

I will rework the current projects page into something like this.  
Currently the following owners have been confirmed:

Python: Willian
Character anim: Hos
Sequencer: intrr
Fonts in Blender: phase
Translation code: Larstiq
Translation projects: Ton
Ghost: Maarten
IK module: Lozar
Movie in/out: phase (?)

--------3. pre release

Lotsof details of the python prerelease were discussed. It happened  
already, not worth noting down the action points!

-------4. Translation project

A recurring agenda topic! To make sure this actually gets used &  
integrated, we still need to do some work. There seems to be a low  
interest in it currently. :)

Easiest way to continue now, is to officially start with a template  
with the tooltips only. This can be extracted from the code easily, and  
won't change the code internally at all. We then can just wait for  
someone picking it up again, and make a more elaborated system to  
extract strings from blender, and maintain it for releases.

Larstiq will make the template, Ton forward it to the translation teams.

--------5 other projects

No issues now. We're still happily anticipating intrr's work!

Next meeting! Sunday july 6,  16-18 CEST (GMT 14, Sao Paulo 11, EDST  
10,  PDST 7,  Sydney 24)


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org