[Bf-committers] Proposed Tuhopuu stuff in 2.26

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 18:44:19 -0700

Hi folks,

Looks like the release of bf-blender is coming
up soon so there has been a little bit of
discussion as to what should be added from
tuhopuu to blender. The things that I have worked on
that I think are really nice and seem to work well
are (copy/pasted from our featurelist.txt):

*** sgefant & Hos: Added x-ray bones support (sgefant ended up
      doing the bulk of the work when he added the button).
      The new x-ray button is added in the edit buttons when
      the armature is selected. (suggested by ztonzy)

*** Hos: Extra selection support for the action window, including:
      - border select initiated in the channel names border
        selects the channels and constraint channels.
      - right click or border select initiated in the horizontal
        scroll causes blender to select all keys for the selected
      - right click or border select in the vertical scroll
        causes blender to select all keys for the channel or
        constraint channels that are to the left of the selection.

*** Hos: Added support for manipulating Ipo bezier handles through
      the action window. Selecting action keys and pressing VKEY,
      HKEY, or shift-HKEY modifies the handles of the keys in
      the same way it does in the IPO window. (suggested by Lyubomir)

*** Hos: Added functionality for using TKEY in the action windows
      to change the Ipo type (constant/linear/bezier) for the Ipo curves
      owned by the selected channels

*** Hos: CKEY in action window scrolls the current frame to the
	center of the window.

Autoskinning and the action window RVK editor stuff in tuhopuu
could still use a bit of decrufting.

Anyways, let me know if these seem like decent additions,
or if any of these need a bit more planning (e.g. with
respect to interface).