[Bf-committers] "MSVC via cygwin Makefiles" compile report

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 15:09:08 -0700

> Yes, I've overruled it by setting NAN_PYTHON_VERSION=2.2 in my
> environment. Now that nan_definitions.mk has a seperate windows section it
> can be changed there. You can commit your changes to nan_definitions.mk if
> you want.

O.K., I'll change that later today.

> I did have to recompile the cygwin python because the python that comes
> with it had one unresolved symbol. You didn't run into that problem ?

Nope. Seemed to work fine.

> I did a 
>   ln -s libjpeg-static.a libjpeg.a
> in $(NAN_JPEG)/lib/. We should probably move it to libjpeg.a in CVS and
> change the MSVC files accordingly.

I'm not sure what all the files are that would
be effected by this change so I'll leave this
to someone else (Maarten, I suspect).

> Is there any chance of getting some of the nice tuhopuu improvements into
> this version of Blender ? Or getting tinderbox up and running for tuhopuu
> ? Recompiling the same sources over and over again is not really much of a
> challenge. ;-)

We have been discussing which features to add
and which should be worked on more first. Hopefully
we'll start committing some neat stuff soon.

As for the tinderbox thing ... we'll have to
look into this further.