[Bf-committers] making things a little more generic

Hans Lambermont bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 23:46:34 +0100

John K. Walton wrote:

> no, this is a problem. on irix there is no /bin/bash, only
> /usr/freeware/bin/bash

FreeBSD also doesn't have a /bin/bash
We shouldn't go bash (see my previous mail)
I'll rewrite cpifdiff.sh to work with Solaris' ancient sh :)

> > The second two are removing the direct call to perl and letting
> i'm not sure if this is a problem in general but i'm sure it'll screw
> something up for me, since I had to load the mailtools for perl, i used
> my irix path, but now i have to uninstall the freeware version, since
> other GNU tools (using this call by name) forced me to put freeware/local
> first in my path.

drat, that shouldn't be necessary. It will break other things for you.

> what is the reason for changing perl?

improve portability ;-) Some have perl in /usr/bin/perl, others in
/usr/local/bin/perl and even others in /usr/freeware/perl
The idea of '#!/usr/bin/env perl' is that is should work for anyone.
If it doesn't for you, because you have *multiple* perl's installed this
will beat the environment perl-detection. I propose that ppl with
multiple perl's create a $HOME/bin/perl symlink to the perl of their
liking and place $HOME/bin at the start of their PATH.

Would that work for you ? (I hope it does, it does for me ;-) I use it
for make -> gmake as well)