[Bf-committers] Mac OS X again

Stefan Gartner bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 05:46:28 +0100

On Monday 13 January 2003 04:51, Charles Wardlaw wrote:
> Hi all,
> Still working through building the mac os X port from the command line.
>  Some new notes:


> 2) fink.  Fink is driving me nuts.  For whatever reason, it's slow on
> the uptake for updating its packages to the latest version.  For
> instance, libpng 1.2.5 works fine on OS X, but fink installs one of the
> 1.0xx releases.  Whatever version of libpng it uses doesn't work with
> the blender build.  I'd like to vote we suggest in the readme that
> people don't rely on fink (I had similar problems with python until I
> built it myself), instead getting source tarballs of the required
> external libs.  I guess this won't be an issue once all external libs
> are hosted in CVS (are we still doing that?).

that's odd, i have libpng 1.0.12-6 installed and blender compiles quite f=
(although using the NaN makefiles). libpng 1.2.5 is provided by the libpn=
package, in case it's really required.


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