[Bf-committers] Python!

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 14:26:27 +0100

Hi Jacek,

> I discussed Python stuff with few people on irc, and looks like  
> everyone want
> first to make it 100% work like before, i.e. like in 2.23.


>> Not only for the current 2.2x Blenders, but
>> especially for the future, Python will play an increasingly important
>> role...
> IMHO future goal should be to give Python access to _all_ Blender  
> functions,
> including user interface. Imagine 1000s of python scripts available,  
> 1000s
> Blender extensions!

Be careful, because that's where 'architecture' pops in. It's good to  
prevent all code to be written double in Blender. Hopefully you agree  
the future here also means a new blender core.

> The question is: should Blender module be slowly extended by new  
> stuff, or new
> API should be created? Just like there was Blender210 there could be
> FutureBlender. It even sounds well! :-)

If you succeed to make it working like it should, i.e. like 2.23,  
adding just a couple of new extensions already would be great.

> In current version it is impossible to read armature/bones. For  
> example I need
> to read vertices in every frame of animation. In Blender 2.23 it was  
> possible
> by GetRawFromObject, now data returned in every frame is same!.

That's a good start for a python project.

> Is anyone against creating new API?

I would support such efforts if done by people who :

1. can manage the current situation
2. have a good insight in what works now and what not, and what  
*should* work.
3  develop a vision on how to do that better
4. come with a plan in close cooperation with the other projects here

Let's start with the first step.


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