[Bf-committers] source/nan_definitions.mk

Kent Mein bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 13:46:49 -0600

Ok I think source/nan_definitions.mk is getting really really ugly.
We have who knows how many different systems people are trying to make
blender on.  No one has a system where it will just work, and 
just throwing in if blah statements everywhere is making it hard for me
to look at and I feel I'm pretty comfortable with modifying source code
to get it working.

I say we do it one of two ways. (Or if someone else has a suggestion I'm
open too) :)

First is to a pick a single default for each and let everyone modify
the defaults to fit their platform.  (For this case I think its nice for
the average user, however it gets complicated for people wanting to
compile on multiple platforms.  They would have to make all of their
systems similar and or do some funky magic to redirect the file to something
platform specific)

The second is to make a block for each platform and pick reasonable
defaults for each platform, so what if the files a little bigger this way
It will be cleaner to read and a lot easier to figure out where I need to
edit my stupid NAN_PYTHON_VERSION or whatever I need to tweak because
I have a messed up system that is unlike anyone else. ;)