Proposing Projects (Re: [Bf-committers] NEW CVS!)

Stefan Arentz
Fri, 3 Jan 2003 20:11:21 +0100

On Friday, Jan 3, 2003, at 18:04 Europe/Amsterdam, Gregor M=FCckl wrote:

> I'd like to propose a project entry here before I try to get myself an=20=

> account at (yet another account.. ;):
> It's about a (rather hackish) stand-alone converter of blender files=20=

> to Crystal Space levels (that infamous 3D engine you probably have=20
> heard of before - you can find it at

> Currently it can correctly export meshes (complete with UV coordinates=20=

> and texture file names) and light sources. I plan to enhance it so=20
> that animated objects can be exported as well (poses, sequences, > =
> I'm developing that tool because I need it for a game I hack together=20=

> using CS (and the artists are using blender for 3D modelling). And I=20=

> had figured out that Python was a long way from being suitable for=20
> that (don't ask why - the list is long). So I ended up parsing the DNA=20=

> information of the blender files to retrieve the information I want.=20=

> And that now works since early April ;).
> Anyway, would you add this project to

Hi Gregor,

Sounds like a cool project!

You can do a project proposal at=20 I think you will=20=

have to signup first though. Ton can probably tell you more about the=20
project decision process, but I think everything open source and=20
related to Blender will be hosted. Ton? :-)